About us

LILA - Italian League for the Fight against AIDS - is a non-profit HIV/AIDS organisation founded in 1987. It is a federation of 15 associations (local units) of both HIV positive and HIV negative operators, volunteers and professionals, which operates in many Italian regions through its local units.


The national coordination team has implemented a structure organised in the following areas of intervention:

  • information
  • prevention
  • health care/HIV treatment
  • harm reduction strategies targeted to at-risk population (drug users, sex workers, prisoners)
  • solidarity and assistance
  • defence of human rights

Furthermore, LILA’s national coordination team supports the development of social and sanitary policies and coordinates the activities of its units at regional, provincial and municipal level.
LILA promotes and defends the right to health care, is committed to affirm  principles of solidarity and stands against any form of violation of human, civil and citizenship rights of people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV).
LILA also works in partnership with other Italian and European NGOs as well as with the major Italian institutions. LILA participates to the National AIDS Commission within the Ministry of Health, and to other commissions related to health issues, drug use and infective diseases.

Since its foundation, LILA has chosen neither to ask for nor to receive any grant from pharmaceutical corporations in order to maintain its independence.

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