About us

LILA - Italian League for the Fight against AIDS - is a non-profit HIV/AIDS organisation founded in 1987. It is a federation of 15 associations (local units) of both HIV positive and HIV negative operators, volunteers and professionals, which operates in many Italian regions through its local units.


LILA’s activity spans a wide range of thematic areas. Its local units do not cover the entire range of activities; they invest their energies and resources in those areas in which they have acquired good competence and experience. The local units with specific expertise in the different areas cooperate as a network to implement improved intervention procedures and exchange best practices.



LILA produces and distributes information on HIV treatment for HIV-positive people as well as other political and social information for the Italian community.
As far as prevention is concerned, we specifically address young people through interventions in schools and youth centres; we have street outreach programs (in cooperation with public institutions) for drug users and sex workers in order to provide them information on harm reduction strategies; we operate in prison settings with inmates and staff.